... The Site

This site highlights a mixture of my work - some professional and some diversions that I have developed on my own.

The domain was bought in 2000 and the name alludes to outsider art. It has gone through a few versions and visions.

If you like what you see or have any comments, feel free to contact me at unjust[at]gmail[dot]com..

About Me

I am an interaction designer and user interface programmer from Florida....

living in New York City for the past 5 years and working in web and software.

I have a MFA from Parsons Design & Technology where I learned how to code sound visualizations.

Music, the beach, and good food are also high-ranking interests.

Currently, I am looking to collaborate on projects where I can be part of the design and development.

Here's to my parents and some friends :) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6